Temporary & Permanent Anchors

Merrmac specialises in using

2-21 strand anchors. Ground anchors are used in basements to temporarily or permanently restrain shoring and piling systems. Merrmac anchors are used in crane bases. Hollow bars anchors are used for sandy ground conditions.

Soil Nails

Merrmac uses soil nails to retain batters and unstable ground. It's a process of grouting, creating tension-resisting steel or glass fibre composite elements into nails which is to reinforce unstable soils to create a retaining wall for permanent or temporary excavation support.

Rock Bolts

Merrmac uses rock bolts for stabilising rock excavations in tunnels, basements and wherever needed. Merrmac is capable of reaching any desired loads when working with rock bolts.


Merrmac was formed in 2003 and is now firmly established as one of the leading Geotechnical contractors in Australia. Merrmac has attained this position through their dedication and hard-working ethic which has enabled them to meet deadlines and ultimately get the job done. Merrmac maintains high standards and is cutting edge with it’s design and is on the forefront of breaking technology.

Merrmac shows extensive knowledge of ground conditions where they specialise in temporary anchors, permanent anchors, soil nails, rock bolts, grout curtains, line drilling, ground stabilisation and pressure grouting. With the successful completion of over 300 jobs within these areas. Merrmac still continues to grow and refine their skills making them a strong competitor in today's market. 

Merrmac has firmly established themselves in the New South Wales market with a work history of over 17 years. Jobs have been completed in Canberra, South Australia and Queensland. Since 2018, Merrmac has established themselves in the Victorian construction industry.


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Projects Completed in NSW
Projects Completed in NSW


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